Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trends [Hunger Games..cough, cough]

I'm not one to follow trends. I loved Harry Potter and Twilight before it was 'the thing'. So naturally, when I started hearing so much fuss about the Hunger Games trilogy... I wanted nothing to do with it! The first time I heard someone saying how much they loved it, I thought "what is that?". Maybe it's a new diet book that everyone will get obsessed with... Then the other night my hottie husband and I went to Barnes and Noble as part of our date night to read magazines and books. I saw it was only $9! Super good steal for a book. So I went against my morals of going with trends.... and bought it. So that next day I was on the couch reading and thinking that yeah it's good and all but maybe not quite as much as everyone else talked it up. Then I realized I'm already half way through. Ok, so maybe there is truth to the madness. Last night I finish the book and almost have an anxiety attack because I HAVE to have the next one.. now! Yeah, I'm glad I'm not obsessed like all of those people out there. {Must.. get.. next.. book.. now!} 

Half way through the week people! Have a good one.


  1. That is so funny. We were just talking about this at work today. Will have to read it!

    1. You won't be disappointed! Very easy and fun read.


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