Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Peace, Love, Politics

If you haven't already voted, I encourage you to go today! Personally, I feel like such a huge percentage of people vote the way they do (if they even vote) because of what their parents say and/or believe. So lame. I feel it's extremely important to vote for the things you feel are important, not because someone is or isn't a certain religion, or because someone is or isn't a certain color. This principle can apply to both political parties. So, before you get on your high horse today and start bashing either of candidates, try and be respectful to those around you.

I think no matter who wins the election; there should be support that this person is going to do what is best for America. Being ignorant and just spending your time saying negative things about whoever may win will not do anyone in this country any good.

I see people getting upset for others "forcing their beliefs" on them, when they do the exact same thing to others who don't believe the way they do.

So, please, please... Research and vote. Don't do what grandma or Uncle Joe Bob says. Think for yourself, people!

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