Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vegetarians gone wild!!

So this one time we were vegetarians then turned meat eaters.. and it was amazing. About two years ago I read a book that prompted my desire to become a vegetarian. It just seemed like a healthy choice. Ryder was totally on board. We always said if we really wanted meat, we would eat it. But, it wasn't ever an issue.

Fast forward to one month ago.. We are riding in the car on our way home from Oklahoma visiting his parents, just chit chatting and we start having a conversation of hypotheticals, "if you ate one meal of meat, what would it be?" How sad. So we decided we would really think about our choice of whether we wanted to remain vegetarians and not go and rob a nearby Burger King out of pure impulse. (good choice)

Fast forward as we are driving into Austin and we are driving as fast as we can to Whole Foods to get a chicken.... and oh Lord. It was like we had been brought back to life! We never missed meat much, but it's like now that we are back to eating it, it tastes so much better. We still try to eat mostly Whole Foods meat and always grilled or baked. We also noticed we seem to be eating less, which is a plus. Kudos to vegetarians, forreal. You have to be creative so make it work and not be hungry... and my goodness we were just hungry. A happy, full husband is all a girl wants.

So needless to say, we are pumped for holiday eating this year!

Disclosure: I still HATE the sport of hunting. I've always understood why people go out and shoot animals if they are hungry.. but I still do not understand how people go out for the fun of it and kill animals. And then post the photos on facebook and what not. {not cool, people}

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