Monday, March 11, 2013

Fitness Monday

Health & Fitness is a huge part of me & Ryder's lives. It's become something that is just so part of our every day, that it's just habit now. Ryder has several triathlons scheduled for 2013. I have a half marathon coming up & also a full marathon in the fall. I will add another race or two in between those.

This is a bit of what my exercise looked like last week..

M: bike 1 hr
T: run 45 minutes & yoga 30 minutes
W: bike 30 minutes & strength
T: swim 45 minutes & run 45 minutes
F: yoga
S: run 20 minutes
S: 1 hr bike

I encourage you to get moving! You don't have to run a marathon to make a difference in your health.. Just move! Happy Monday!

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