Thursday, January 19, 2012

awkward & awesome Thursday's

*falling asleep on husband's shoulder before 9 pm and doing one of those loud snores that wakes yourself up; him asking "was that fake?" and me saying "i wish i could say it was.."
*being ready to eat my lunch by 10 am. 
* as husband and me are being toured around an apartment he responds to the leasing lady "true dat" when she makes a comment.. him then realizing that he actually said that aloud.. in public. 

*coffee in the mornings. and afternoons.
*husband and my new found addiction to the tv show, 'the big bang theory'. hilarious!
*i just joined twitter. i know i'm a little behind on the times; but it's so interesting! 
*cutie clementines. awesome. and cute. 
*'the office' and 'up all night' are on tonight. 
*it's already thursday! 

---Hope everyone has a awesome, and probably slightly awkward Thursday!

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