Thursday, January 12, 2012

awkward & awesome Thursday's

-Eating some extra spicy jalapenos in my burrito last night... then having to ice my lips, while slightly crying. Needless to say, I dug the rest of the jalapenos out of the burrito.
-Anytime I have to burp in front of the husband, I do it.. as loud as I can. Awkward realizing that used to I would do all I could to hold it in so he wouldn't hear. Or is that awesome..? 
-The huge zit on my forehead. Kind of looks like a horn. Thank goodness for bangs. 

-Husband and me are going to AUSTIN this weekend. Crossing our fingers to get good news and then move!! All grown up. 
-Bringing my lunch to work. I just love it. oh and husband made my sandwich. 
-It's almost Friday!!
-Tina Fey's book, 'Bossypants' ....awesome.

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